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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Saturday's ride to Pittsboro

Pittsboro Courthouse, restored after a fire a couple of years ago.
So, while I was good about getting some long overdue work done in the library Sunday after church (yes, I worked on the sabbath, but it was after going to church, so that's okay then, right?), I did manage to slip in a quick ride with Pillion down to the small town of Pittsboro, NC the day before.
The weather was miraculous for August in NC - mid 70's and low humidity. Here are some more photos from the short trip:

Lunch at the newish "Pittsboro Roadhouse and General Store". The menu had a fair selection of vegetarian options.
I got the Portobella Panini, while Pillion opted for the Tilapia Po' Boy - very good!
There were other bikes and classic cars that also decided on trips to Pittsboro that day.
Here the FJR is parked near a '66 Plymouth Baracuda
While I had a spot all to my own for the FJR, these guys managed to fit three Harley's into one slot
Pittsboro has a nice Main St, with brick facades and a general ole timey feel
After walking off some of lunch around the various shops on Main St (aka Hillsboro St), we
stopped in for the obligatory desert at "S&T Soda Shoppe"...

After Ice Cream, we decide to go looking for the Bynum Country Store, just to the north of town. On the way out, we came across this menagerie of yard art:

Not readily seeing any prices on the yard art, and therefore afraid to ask, we scooted on up to Bynum Rd to look for the Bynum Store. While we found it, it was closed but were surprised to find that Bynum Rd ends at a closed bridge. While closed to traffic, it was accessible to pedestrians so we ventured out over the Haw River to take a peek:

The Haw River from the Bynum Bridge

Heron out in the Haw
Departing commentary from a bridge graffiti artist...
After hanging out on the bridge for a while, we wheeled it home. The weather all day was great, we took a ride, made some photos, and had some ice cream - that's what I call a pretty good afternoon!

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