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Monday, September 9, 2013

Milling around...

Waterwheel detail from Yates Mill
Took Pillion and the FJR out for a spin to central North Carolina to visit the historic Yates Mill. Here are some photos from that trip:

The Dam, and millpond, from a vantage point just above the waterwheel.
That flat, rocky area just below the Dam is a great place for a picnic!

We were able to join a short tour of the Mill's interior, slowly being restored by the Yates Mill Associates
The top stone in its crane. It sets and balances on the point you see in the center of the lower stone
Mill interior
The following are just some details from around the Mill:

The Yates Mill Pond
Mill underpinnings, showing grain chute, belts, pulleys and foundation
Yates Mill, from below the Dam
Water Race, wheel, pinion gear
Ring gear and Pinion gear detail

Yates Mill, Dam, and pond from the Dam wall
We were lucky to have arrived just minutes before a tour started. Even though it got warmer than I would have liked as the day wore on, it was an altogether nice ride out to and back from Yates Mill, having found a decent backroads route for Pillion and I to rubber-neck along the way. 

The Mill also has a Fall Harvest Celebration coming up soon, September 21st, that looks like a lot of fun (tours, grinding demos, vintage cars etc), so we might be back! Its a great place for a family visit, picnic and a little history, and at a nice price too (tours were $5 adults, $3 kids).

I had never visited Yates Mill before, even though its not too far away, so it was a nice surprise. 
Hope you enjoyed the photos from our little outing over the weekend, Cheers!

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