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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Guest Blogger: Crostini and Chianti

If you're a motorcyclist doing any kind of long distance touring, you've most likely had to make-do at some point regarding sourcing some grub when out on the road. Our guest today is my friend Greg, from "Crostini and Chianti", who shares turning a quick convenient store find into a hot meal, to keep you going till you reach that late night hotel or campsite far from home. Greg's blog features "Healthy food with an Italian Influence", but some Irish influences have been creeping in recently as well. I especially like that I can easily follow and replicate Greg's recipes. 
Here's his recipe for  "Flamin' Frito Frijoles":

Featured Bike: Honda GB500

1989 GB500
Came across this photo in my archives. This is my very own 1989 GB500, back when it sported a Supertrapp exhaust (very loud but added a few extra ponies). The GB500 is a single-cylinder motorcycle, sometimes called "thumpers" due to the unique sound of a single piston engine: "thump...thump...thump". There used to be a retro-diner north of me headed into Virginia. They had these vintage (or vintage styled) gas pumps out front. One evening ride, I had brought my camera and caught this photo. This was back in the film days folks (wayyy back in like, 2000) so this was shot on Fuji Velvia on a Nikon F3 High Eyepoint with normal lens.
I still have this bike, although the Supertrapp rusted out long ago and the Stockers are back on it. Still very cool though. Just thought I'd share.