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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Featured Bike: Honda GB500

1989 GB500
Came across this photo in my archives. This is my very own 1989 GB500, back when it sported a Supertrapp exhaust (very loud but added a few extra ponies). The GB500 is a single-cylinder motorcycle, sometimes called "thumpers" due to the unique sound of a single piston engine: "thump...thump...thump". There used to be a retro-diner north of me headed into Virginia. They had these vintage (or vintage styled) gas pumps out front. One evening ride, I had brought my camera and caught this photo. This was back in the film days folks (wayyy back in like, 2000) so this was shot on Fuji Velvia on a Nikon F3 High Eyepoint with normal lens.
I still have this bike, although the Supertrapp rusted out long ago and the Stockers are back on it. Still very cool though. Just thought I'd share.

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