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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Guest Blogger: Crostini and Chianti

If you're a motorcyclist doing any kind of long distance touring, you've most likely had to make-do at some point regarding sourcing some grub when out on the road. Our guest today is my friend Greg, from "Crostini and Chianti", who shares turning a quick convenient store find into a hot meal, to keep you going till you reach that late night hotel or campsite far from home. Greg's blog features "Healthy food with an Italian Influence", but some Irish influences have been creeping in recently as well. I especially like that I can easily follow and replicate Greg's recipes. 
Here's his recipe for  "Flamin' Frito Frijoles":

"Flamin' Frito Frijoles" by Crostini and Chianti

First, I want to thank ShutterPilot for asking me to write a few posts about cooking on the road. The ShutterPilot has been teaching me how to improve my photography, and we have been going on day trips to practice our photography skills. When you take a day trip to the mountains of North Carolina you might not be near a fast food restaurant. Often the back roads only include an occasional gas station/ convenience store. Todays recipe is how to make a lunch out of gas station food. This recipe has been around awhile but it is a classic:

Flamin' Frito Frijoles
1 bag Frito Lays Corn Chips, a small single serving size Scoops work great
1 can microwave chili, Campbell's and Hormel make these
1 can jalapeƱos, add as many as you like
bottled hot sauce to taste
Cheese, string cheese cut up

Microwave the chili, most gas stations have a microwave that they will let you use. Remove 1/2 the corn chips from the bag. Add the chili to the bag with the chips and mix together. Top with jalapeƱos, cheese and mix in hot sauce if you are using. Eat with the corn chips you set aside. Note, the store I went to only had a large bag of corn chips so I cut the bag down for the picture. If you get single serving you won't have to cut it. 

Thanks Greg! One of the things I like about visiting Crostini and Chianti is Greg's food photography. He has a nice little studio set up in his kitchen and his photographs of his final platings come out quite nice. So give his blog a visit, and keep this little recipe handy in your tankbag.


  1. This looks awesome! Wait until you see he next one.

    1. I may try this recipe this weekend, as I travel to take in some fall colors! ~D