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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Commuting as best I can...

This RR bridge lies at the bottom of a left downhill turn, with a tight right-hander just beyond...
and adds just a bit to the commuting goodness...

For the first time in weeks (and weeks) its been dry enough for me to pilot the FJR into work. And today is really a gift - only 60 degrees as I started my commute, and this in Mid-August in the Carolinas! It would be absolutely unforgivable to miss this opportunity, but how to get to work on time while making the best of the rare weather and cool temps?
The piedmont section of the Carolinas where I live isn't exactly a mecca of curvy roads, but there are a few hidden gems, even though many only last a handful miles. While no Tail of the Dragon, this little backroad gets me to work while also offering up a few tame sweepers and some interesting views.
Here, then, is my commute in this morning - sorry, its mostly photos of a road, but if you ride, or have ridden, I hope you can appreciate its better than slabbing the fast way in...

Nice barn at the start of the journey - I really wish I had an awesome barn like this out at my place
Okay - things are looking more curvy and interesting. Uh Oh - what's with that orange sign ahead?
Why it pays to pay attention: work on a RR bridge right in the middle of my favorite section
While its nice (like, really nice) to blast through corners like these dragging pegs, you always
have to be prepared for something unexpected around the next bend, not that I was going fast or anything.
Really. Well, okay, maybe a little
Another RR bridge further down the road, the one on the title page
The drainage tunnel near RR bridge #2
Another red barn along the way, getting closer to work now but still feels like country
A home along the way has this neat faux "bridge" that appears to be going over their pond, when
in fact its just their driveway along the pond dam. Pretty cool.
Detail from the little red barn above.
The rest of the ride was a short run through Duke Forest, with few cars and a newly paved roadway (nice and smoooooth).
So, all in all a nice if not too exciting ride in. I actually felt chilly from time to time on the way in, and believe me, for August? That truly is a gift.
It almost makes working in a dark room with no windows worth it. Almost.
Ride safe.

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