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Monday, July 7, 2014

Ready to race! Well, almost...

BMW R65, rolled out and started for the first time since January.
Over the long fourth of July weekend, I managed to complete the reassembly of the beemer. She's now as complete as she was when manufactured in October of 1980. 
Good news: she started right up and ran pretty strong.
Bad news: she seems to slip in 5th gear just a bit, so we'll need to investigate and sort that out real soon.
Other than that, I have some safety wiring left to do (the first two bolts drilled real nice and easy, and I even managed to finish the holes off with nice beveled edges so nothing catches.

Another photo:
Not showroom, but not too bad for going on 34 years old.
She's not looking much like a race bike, 'cause for her race class she has to be 100% bone stock,
and let me tell you, 34 year old stock bikes are hard to come by.
I'm really happy with all I've learned on this project so far - and soon we'll get to run her at Bonneville.
Pretty cool anyway you look at it.


  1. So, how has the trip been so far ? Any exciting news or is it just tedious driving ? How is the co-pilot handling it all ! The adrenalin has to be very high as you get closer to Bonneville ! Stay safe !

    1. Currently, we are just driving - no time for smelling the roses - at all. We hope to do more of that on the way back home. For now, we're just eating up miles trying to get there in time!