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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Making Progress...

What am I looking at?! L-R: Cylinder, Piston, Wrist pin, Connecting Rod
I finally got a large enough block of time to install the newly worked piston, cylinders and heads onto the salt bike…

Here, I've got the piston and its rings installed INTO the cylinder (finned part) with its "skirt" hanging out.
This is so I can connect the piston to the connecting rod, the dark arm coming out of the hole.
The thing that looks like a long socket sticking out of the piston is the wrist pin, that will line
up with the hole in the end of the connector rod and seal the piston tho the rod for final placement.
Tricky stuff, with a bit of fiddling, but it all went together without issues.

Here is the cylinder, after the piston was attached to the connector rod with the wrist pin, and the
cylinder pushed "home" up against the engine block.
You can see the piston in its proper position within the cylinder, ready to make power.

We're looking at the underside of the cylinder here, in its final position.
You can see the piston just off to the upper left.
The two rods we're looking at are the pushrod tubes, with new rubber seals

The right piston in its bore, with my orientation markings for the rings
You can see the detents in the piston where the valves that go above it will recess into.

Pistin in its cylinder, with head gasket installed, ready for attaching the "head"

Here, the head has been installed atop the cylinder, and the pushrods and rocker arms have been installed too.
(sorry, I was busy assembling all of this and forgot to make an interim photo)
The only think left would be the valve cover which will complete this side.

Piston and cylinder now installed on the left side

Left piston in its bore, with orientation markings.

I was able to finish up the left side as well, all the way up to the point of gapping the valves and installing the valve covers.
Next to the newly cleaned cylinders and heads, the old valve covers were looking especially dingy, so I'm taking those off to get blasted clean before installing those.

On to the rest of the To-Do list now:
Deep clean the rest of the engine externals
install the carburetors
Safety drill oil pan bolts, install oil pan with new gasket
install the air pump system into the heads
fix out of round section in right exhaust header
weld up crack in left muffler
install headers and mufflers and crossover tubes
replace top brake hose
replace rear tire with proper sized version
obtain and install safety kill switches
obtain and install steering damper
Obtain and install new fuel lines
Obtain and install fuel line fire protection hoses
Safety wire front and rear axle bolts, pinch bolts, transmission bolts, final drive bolts, shaft bolts.
Obtain new Snell spec helmet, race suit, boots, gloves and Rx safety glasses (required to race if you're a glasses wearer)

And I'm sure I'm forgetting quite a few other things - is it time to panic yet??

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