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Monday, June 24, 2013

Beach Trip: no bike, all burn...

Daytrip to Kure Beach, NC
June 22nd, 2013
Pillion and I managed to get away for the day out to Kure Beach, NC. Its a flat slab of a drive to the beach, so absolutely no reason to take the bike. And it rained just about the whole drive there. But when we arrived, the clearing storm made for a very nice and visually interesting time on the beach.

Kure Beach Pier and sky
June 22nd, 2013
I'm not at all a beach person, much preferring the mountains. The beach feels to me like its all about the power of creation and rebirth. The mountains feel like the power of the ages, the timelessness of eons, of the power of rain, rock, reformations and metamorphosis rending their effects on the very core of the earth. Perhaps its this sense of the ages I appreciate more than the newer sense of rebirth I feel at the beach. To each his/her own, but it explains why its been ages since we've been to the beach, so it was high tide, time.
Even though I hid out under the umbrella you see in the first shot for most of the day, I got pretty lobster'd by the sun anyways in places where I missed the sunscreen. Lesson learned...again.
Sky was nice tho'...

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