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Friday, January 9, 2015

My 2015 Motorcycling Resolutions

1. Finish my darn bike!

The salt bike I raced in August 2014 suffered a setback when the salt corrosion from Bonneville attacked critical parts more aggressively than I would have imagined. While I *think* I’ve managed to remove all the salt and halt any new corrosion back in September, everything from the carbs to the steering stem to the pushrod tubes needs to be disassembled, polished and refurbished or replaced in order for it to even run again, let alone be race ready.
BMW salt corrosion post-bonneville

2. Finish my other darned bike!
My prized Honda GB500 has been languishing in the stable for years (and years) in semi-running state. Last year I resolved to refit her properly and ordered $1200 worth of parts and paint to do so. Sadly, all those parts are still in their boxes and the GB still sits waiting her turn at some TLC. I vow that before Labor Day weekend (The weekend of the Bull City Rumble in Durham NC) I’ll have her fitted and road ready.
1989 GB500

3. Squeeze in another “father-son-son” ride this year.
Our last was in 2012, and too far in the rearview mirror. I, my Dad and my brother all ride and live within 50 miles of each other, so its a shame we don’t find/make time to ride together more. I’ll take it upon myself to plan another ride, epic in personality if not in achievement, knowing that no one can promise us tomorrow.

4. Push myself into the unknown or unfamiliar.
I started riding on the street, and have only ever done so. I consider myself an above average pilot on the road, so maybe this year is the year I attempt some dirt or dual-sport riding. Or maybe Trials riding. Or track school at Virginia International Raceway. Attempting something I’ve not done before is why I have medical insurance.

5. Get heated gear for my spouse.
My wife loves to ride, and while I need solo rides from time-to-time, I also love riding two up . But while anything over 45º and under 80º is perfect for me, that range runs much cooler than my southern raised gal likes it. She could easily continue to wear a heated jacket up to the high 70’s, so its about time (20yrs??) I get her one. Having her along for even more rides is a win-win, and keeping her as comfortable as possible is my primary goal anyways.

What about you - do you have any Motorcycle-related resolutions you’d like to share?

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