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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bing Carbs, Part 2

We put it all back together - after disassembling and cleaning the enrichener circuit, that after the break:

The enrichener (choke) after removal from the carb body
Inside of the enrichener, after cleaning the orifices. "choking" the carb spins the disk, allowing successively
larger openings to come into play, each allowing more fuel to enter the carb body on cold startup

New vacuum diaphragm is fitted to the top of the main needle slide
...and new needle clipped in place beneath the slide
New atomizer and needle jet showing in the base of the slide bore. The needle slides into these, thereby
regulating the flow of fuel into the air stream flowing thru the carb body.
Slide and needle installed. You can see how the needle slides into the jet below. As the slide raises, the tapered needle
allows and increasing amount of fuel to flow up from below into the venturi airstream flowing horizontally
across it, having the effect of making you go ever faster.

Cleaned and fully assembled carb, with enrichener attached.

Before and after pics. This isn't just a matter of looking clean, however. Opening up clogged orifices, and
replacing worn out parts will hopefully go a long way towards restoring optimum efficiency and response.

For the left-side carb rebuild, I hope to create a timelapse movie of the process - just for fun!
Stay tuned...

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