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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Weekend Ride

Looking up, in Floyd Va.
So, after having sorted out replacing the rear tire on the FJR (See: Tyred...), we headed out Saturday for  the Parkway, and Virginia SR8. We tried to hit Fairy Stone State Park for rock hunting (that was a big BUST, boys and girls, so we plan to attempt this again), Floyd Virginia for a looksee, and Morrisette Winery to finish the day off before heading home. Its was chillier than I expected, never above the mid-sixties, and dropping to around 54 degrees around Woodwine on SR8, before climbing back to the mid-sixties as we headed home on the slab later.

Famous Tuggles Gap Restaurant, on SR8 at the Blue Ridge Parkway
Our first destination was Fairy Stone State Park to hunt for the famous "Fairy Stones". We were told the best place to hunt was at "Haynes 57" convenience store that adjoined the park, as we headed out to go find him. Trouble was, he wasn't on our map, pillion was quite cold, and since I looove stopping and asking for directions... Also, it was getting later than we wanted due to a very late start to the ride, so we resolved to suspend looking for fairy stones and head on out to Floyd for lunch, a looksee, and try to make it to the winery before they closed.
On the way to Floyd, we passed Tuggle's Gap Restaurant and motel, famous for being motorcycle friendly and for good home cooking. As it was well after 2 o'clock, we ducked in for a bite and were not disappointed.

After a nice lunch, we had to have the obligatory Apple pie, even tho' we're not riding a Goldwing
After leaving Tuggle's Gap, we headed into Floyd, a mere 8 miles up the road. I had been to Floyd Va. once before on a recent ride up SR8 with Dad, but this was a nice revisit with Pillion, as we took more time to explore, and felt less rushed for time now that we had eaten and were feeling better. Amazing what a little pie can do.
Floyd is best known for its Country Store, Friday Music nites and recording sessions of Blue Grass and Old Timey music.

Stage in the store for concerts and recordings - we just missed a 3 hr jam session...
The store has been around since 1909, and has a nice old time feel...and a cafe where we scored lemon bars and coffee

Other scenes in Floyd...
Trying to make a connection to Andy Griffith? There was also a Mayberry Funeral Home. Hmmmm...
General Hardware Store
The "Republic of Floyd" carries more beer selections than Blue Light in Durham, NC!
Floyd County Courthouse
On the BRP, near SR8 and Floyd, leaving Floyd and headed to the winery
Yeah - its a photo of a sign...
We made it to Chateau Morrisette just in time for the very last wine tasting! Since I was piloting, no wine for me...well, I did have a few teeny, tiny tastes of what Pillion was sampling from time to time:

Some other folks enjoying a wine tasting

Pillion perusing the gift shop - we were able to fit all the wine she bought in the sidecases, just.
Part of the Winery - they have a very nice restaurant too.
So, while we were both disappointed to have abandoned our search for Fairy Stones, it was a nice pleasant ride, with lots to do and see for Pillion, and lots of curvy roads for me to break the new rear tire in on. Note to self - next "big gift" for pillion has to be a heated vest.
After returning from our ride on Saturday, we buckled down for the rest of Memorial weekend to attend to neglected house and yardwork (booo). But after a long day in the garden Monday, we treated ourselves to a short ride out for Sunset and Ice Cream at Maple View Farms:

The parking lot is often full for sunset viewing from the front porch of Maple View Country store.
Except for the cars, this is a nice shot of the bike I think.
Out of Waffle Cones?! Oh well, had to settle for a styrofoam cup, as I hate those sugar cone abominations
Don't know as if its the sunset that makes the Ice Cream so memorable here, or the Ice Cream that makes the sunset seem so spectacular. Its a good thing you don't have to choose, just eat and enjoy...

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