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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Photo(s) of the Day: Feb.6th, 2013

Stone's Creek, February 6th, 2013
While I plan to keep posting just one Photo of the Day each day, sometimes I'll make an exception. Like today...

So, for my lunch hour, I took the bike out for a little spin out to the Pleasant Green Road access of the Eno River State Park. About 100 yards up river, Stone's Creek empties into the Eno just below "420 Falls", so called due to the traditional activity of the high-schoolers who visit there. Since I was riding today, and not hiking far, I hit the trail in most of my riding gear, sans helmet and gloves.
Well, its a good thing it was unseasonably warm today, as just before making the title photograph, I slipped on a moss covered rock (Note to self: Motorcycle boots don't make the best riparian hikers).
Aaaand - in I went.
I managed to keep my head and camera above water, but slid into the base of the falls halfway up my torso, sitting in about 2 feet of water. While the ambient temp was around 60ยบ, I think the water was as cold as it could be without freezing (ok, it felt that way to some lower extremities anyway).
While my pride was saved by no one else being around, I made the bulk of the photos here sopping wet. I'm either tenacious or stupid, or tenaciously stupid.
I then headed home, changed duds, and boogied back to work.
So, my lunch hour turned into more like two hours, but the weather was great, I got to go riding (and swimming) and made a few photos. All in all a rather nice mid-day outing.

Small pool detail at the base of 420 Falls

420 Falls itself. Lousy lighting midday, and why I stuck to the
details in the shadows. Near the foreground is where I took a dip.

Falls and Leaf

Falls and Leaf - with slower shutter speed and closer framing.
I think I like this one better. You?
I really enjoyed how the water was moving around this log.
First, in slow-mo...
But freezing its various shapes is very interesting too...
This one came out very nice, I think

Please feel free to click on the photos for enlarged versions, as the details can be kinda nice.
BTW - these were all made with my little Olympus EPL-2 and Legacy Nikon 28mm f/2.8 lens.
I hope these (or at least my swim) were an enjoyable diversion today...

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  1. While all are great, I prefer the first falls and leaf to the second.