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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Are you ready to rumble?

2012 Bull City Rumble Photos...

My wife and I were finally able to make it to the Bull City Rumble this year. I didn't get my GB500 road-ready in time to ride it to the rally this year, so we rode the FJR two-up in the heat. And wow, was it hot. But it was a great turnout, with a wide and varied representation of cafe-style motorcycles, and we're glad we made it.
In homage to the vintage nature of the Rumble, I shot photos in square format with the viewfinder at waist level to snag some details of some of the great machines represented. Here's some highlights, I hope you enjoy:

Lineup of classic Hondas

Modern Triumph

Classic Triton (combination of Triumph and Norton parts) - Chrome-tastic!

What else? A Norton, of course. True archetype of the species.

BSA Goldstar motorcycle, "British Small Arms" company.

Nice little Yamaha, proving that nice rides need not be big or expensive.

Truth in Advertising?

Some last minute work on a BSA

Beautiful simplicity, and simply beautiful.

Norton Commando

Another nice "Triton"

An original era Triumph, complete with an Amal carburator. Wonder if it still sports Lucas electrics?

Shining like the noonday sun.

I have no idea what this Italian, "powered by Yamaha", bike is

I *think* this is a Honda CL90, circa 1967. Love the color scheme.

This was perhaps my favorite machine that I didn't know about before,
a "production hybrid" Norton/Matchless 750 circa 1964-67
The Classic British lineup

Motorcycles come in all sizes, a Blata "pocketbike"

Folks checking out the european entries

Nice rear-end. I'm guessing this is a BMW R50/2, with Enduro Bags?


Classic Bavarian architecture. Man, that's clean!

Back in the early nineties, I wanted one of these real bad, in this exact color scheme. Moto Guzzi 1000s.  It was slow and heavy by today's standards, but she still looks good to me.

I've always had a soft spot for the UJMs - Universal Japanese Motorcycles

Alex gives a demo on wheel lacing

Main street, Durham.

So, next year I'll try to have my GB500 ready to go, if not my 1978 CB750. Nice winter projects, both, but I may have to get a second job to support the refits!
Now, if anyone wants to buy my 2000 Kawasaki Concours...


  1. Annette and I decided we want to go to the Bull City Rumble next year. Even though we don't have bikes the photos of he old bikes are awesome.

  2. Great pics, thanks for sharing. I'm glad you had a good time at the Rumble.

  3. Wish I took more photos, but I was just too engrossed actually looking at all the eye candy, and trying to figure what it would take to get my heaps back on the road.
    Greg - The "Rumble" is the perfect place to get your feet wet in the motorcycling and scooter worlds, a good place to feel the stirring soul of two-wheels. And when you're ready for bikes, I'm happy to fuel the addiction!