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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Product review - Turtle Wax Premium Grade Trim Restorer

We first used this product back in May to revive a 12 year old Givi TopCase. Now we try it on some sidecases...

Its been about 6 weeks since I treated my old Givi topcase with the trim restorer, and its been in use on the bike in sunny weather, with some 100-plus degrees all-day rides, for over 3,000 miles during that time. And I have to say, the case still looks like the day I treated it. This is much longer than I would have expected from the standard silicone type product, and doesn't look to be drying out the case, or adversely affecting it in any way. It simply looks and feels like new.

So, I tried it out on the sidecases for my Kawasaki Concours, which like the topcase, had faded to a light grey over the years due to sun exposure. These cases contain both plastic and metal black areas that had faded.

The application was essentially the same: I used the supplied foam applicator pad to apply the clear, gel-like product to the cases. After about 15 minutes of letting it "soak in", I applied a second coat. It all kind of absorbs into the plastic, and after another 15 minutes, I wiped off the excess and buffed the surface with a micro-fiber cloth.

When first applied, the product does feel very greasy until it soaks in, but then the plastic quickly begins to feel just like plain plastic, without any gel-like feel to it. Once wiped off thoroughly, there is no residue left that would stain clothing. And while the plastic is left no where near as slick as if one had used an Armour-All type product, it is still a little slick, so I wouldn't use it on any control surfaces, like grips, pegs or seats unless I was really desperate to restore some color back to those.

I'm very pleased with just about every aspect of this product: ease of use, longevity, subsequent feel, and ability to bring the black back to faded surfaces, and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to restore the faded bits of their bike or car.
The left bag has been treated with the Trim Restorer, the right still shows 12 years of fading.


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